iPad Could Receive Calculator App in the Coming Year, Moving Beyond OLED Screens

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Apple is rumored to fix a long-standing omission on the iPad by introducing a Calculator app on iPadOS 18. While this might not be a significant addition for some iPad users, it is a feature that has been available on iPhones and Macs for years. The Calculator app is anticipated to be announced at WWDC 2024 on June 10, but it will only be available for iPads capable of running iPadOS 18.

The decision to limit the Calculator app to specific iPad models makes sense considering the power demands of running such an application. According to recent rumors, iPadOS 18 will be compatible with all iPads that can run iOS 17, except for the iPad (6th generation), iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd generation), and the iPad Pro 10.5.

Not only will the Calculator app be introduced, but it is also speculated that it will receive an upgrade. Apple’s Notes app is rumored to incorporate a new feature called ‘Math Notes’ that will enable it to interact with the Calculator app. This will allow users to perform quick calculations within the Notes app, similar to the functionality of Microsoft’s OneNote app.

While the addition of the Calculator app may not be the most significant update in iPadOS 18, it is an exciting development for users who have been relying on third-party apps like PCalc to fill the gap. Being able to transform the iPad into a giant calculator is an appealing prospect for many.

Beyond the Calculator app, there are other anticipated features and improvements coming to the iPad series. Apple has announced a launch date for its new iPads, with a “special Apple event” to be held on May 7. This event is expected to unveil a new iPad Pro with an OLED screen and an M3 chip, as well as two new models of the iPad Air 6 and a new Apple Pencil. Apple CEO Tim Cook indirectly confirmed the release of the Apple Pencil by stating, “Pencil us in for May 7” on Twitter.

For individuals who already own an iPad and are looking for additional enhancements, iPadOS 18 is likely to bring improvements to the operating system. However, specific details about these enhancements are currently scarce. There have been rumors about the introduction of the iPhone’s Journal app to the iPad, as well as the possibility of AI-powered improvements that are strongly rumored for iOS 18.

With the upcoming hardware and software refresh expected for the iPad series in the next few months, it is likely that the list of the best iPads will undergo significant changes. Therefore, it is advisable for potential buyers to wait and see what Apple has in store before making a purchase.

In conclusion, Apple’s decision to introduce a Calculator app to the iPad with iPadOS 18 is a welcome addition for users who have been missing this functionality on their tablets. The upcoming launch event on May 7 is expected to unveil new iPad models equipped with advanced features like OLED screens and powerful chips. Additionally, iPadOS 18 is anticipated to bring improvements and new features, although details are currently limited. The iPad series is on the cusp of a significant update, making it an exciting time for potential buyers.

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