Is the removal of yet another tool from Windows 11’s Control Panel a sign of things to come from Microsoft?

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The transition from the iconic Windows Control Panel to the Settings app is an ongoing process in Microsoft’s efforts to streamline the user experience. The latest development in this transition is the migration of the Fonts page from the Control Panel to the Settings app. According to reports, later this year, if users try to open the Fonts page from the Control Panel, they will be automatically redirected to the Settings app.

The Fonts page can currently be accessed through the Control Panel by navigating to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts. However, Microsoft is gradually moving away from the Control Panel and encouraging users to access font management through the Settings app. This shift is part of a larger effort to consolidate all system settings in one central location.

In Windows 11, the Settings app will feature a modern font management interface that closely resembles the functionality of the legacy Fonts page in the Control Panel. While the legacy version of the Fonts page will still be accessible via Windows Search, Microsoft aims to eventually remove it completely from the Control Panel in a future Windows update. Instead, users will be directed to Settings > Personalization > Fonts, where the new Fonts page will reside.

This transition is not expected to cause major disruptions for users, as the new Fonts page in the Settings app reportedly offers all the same functionality and features as the legacy page. However, for those who prefer the classic interface, it is still possible to access the legacy Control Panel Fonts page through File Explorer by navigating to C:\Windows\Fonts.

To help users adjust to the change, Microsoft is urging them to become familiar with font management through the Settings app. When the Fonts page in File Explorer is opened, a message appears stating, “This page is being decoupled from Fonts Control Panel. For more font settings, go to the Fonts page in the Settings app.” This proactive approach from Microsoft aims to guide users to the new interface and encourage adoption of the modern font management system.

The Control Panel has been a fundamental part of Windows since its inception in 1985, and it is unlikely that it will be completely removed from regular Windows 11 versions. However, Microsoft’s strategy is to gradually migrate features from the Control Panel to the Settings app, redirecting users to the new analogous pages in Settings. This approach allows for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience, especially for new generations who are being introduced to the operating system.

In my opinion, Microsoft’s decision to consolidate system settings in the Settings app is a wise move. Having a single location to manage all computer settings simplifies the user experience and reduces the need to navigate through multiple interfaces. By preserving the interface and functionality of the Control Panel while integrating it into the new architecture being built, Microsoft ensures a smooth transition for existing users while accommodating the changing needs of newer generations.

Overall, the migration of the Fonts page from the Control Panel to the Settings app is just one example of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to modernize the Windows user experience. As more features are transitioned to the Settings app, users will gradually become accustomed to managing their computer settings in a centralized and intuitive manner. While some users may initially resist change, it is a necessary step towards a more efficient and user-friendly operating system.

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