J. Cole Seems to Target Kendrick Lamar on ‘7 Minute Drill’

7 Minute Drill, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Take Aim

J. Cole surprised fans with the unexpected release of his Might Delete Later project, which dropped on streaming services with no prior announcement. One track that caught the attention of listeners was “7 Minute Drill,” where Cole seems to be responding to Kendrick Lamar’s supposed disses on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That.”

In the song, Cole hints at someone trying to gain attention through negative means and warns them that it could lead to consequences. He then goes on to critique Lamar’s discography, calling some of his albums “tragic” and accusing him of putting listeners to sleep with his second album.

Cole also touches on Kendrick’s lack of output, pointing out the long gaps between his releases. He warns Lamar that this is just a “warning shot” and things could escalate further if necessary.

The track features a beat switch halfway through, adding more intensity to Cole’s verses. Fans have speculated that the production samples Drake’s “Energy.”

The title “7 Minute Drill” has a specific meaning, as Cole often uses it as an exercise to break writer’s block. He raps for seven minutes straight over different beats to push through any mental blocks he may be facing.

Overall, Might Delete Later marks a busy weekend for J. Cole, who will be headlining his Dreamville Fest in Raleigh. The sudden release of this project has sparked excitement and anticipation among fans, with “7 Minute Drill” standing out as a standout track.

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