Jon Stewart Dishes on AI, Lina Khan, and the Taboo Topics Apple Tried to Censor

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In the aftermath of The Problem With Jon Stewart being pulled from Apple TV Plus, Jon Stewart has continued to shed light on the rocky relationship he had with Apple. During an interview with FTC Chair Lina Khan on The Daily Show focused on tech companies and antitrust issues, Stewart disclosed more details about his interactions with Apple.

Stewart expressed his desire to have Khan as a guest on a podcast, but Apple intervened and advised against it. This incident served as another reminder of the strained relationship between Stewart and Apple. The episode itself featured Stewart’s humorous take on the exaggerated claims made by tech companies about AI, followed by the revealing chat with Khan.

Stewart questioned Apple’s hesitance to engage in open discussions on certain topics, such as AI and antitrust concerns. This reluctance to address these issues publicly raised concerns about the immense power held by large tech companies. Despite the challenges faced during his time at Apple, Stewart emphasized the importance of bringing these issues to light and starting conversations in the public sphere.

Ultimately, Stewart and Apple parted ways due to “creative differences” after just two seasons of the show. However, Stewart has remained vocal about his intentions to cover important topics, such as AI and China, despite any pushback he faced from Apple.

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