Kioxia Unveils 2Tb NAND Chip with Potential Use in Pure Storage’s 150TB SSD DirectFlash Modules—the Chip That Could Power the World’s Largest SSD

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Kioxia, a leading memory manufacturer based in Japan, has announced the sampling shipments of its new 2Tb QLC (Quad-Level Cell) devices. These devices utilize the eighth-generation BiCS (Bit Cost Scalable) FLASH 3D flash memory technology developed by Kioxia. This new chip is targeted for use in various digital storage hardware, including SSDs, servers, and other devices that require high-capacity and high-efficiency memory components.

Kioxia’s BiCS FLASH technology is known for its innovative memory die expansion both vertically and laterally. Moreover, the integration of CBA (CMOS directly Bonded to Array) technology enables the creation of denser memory and supports interface speeds of up to 3.6Gbps. This combination of advancements in memory architecture and interface speeds provides an improved performance and efficiency compared to previous generations. The 2Tb QLC device offers a bit density that is about 2.3 times higher than Kioxia’s fifth-generation QLC device and boasts a 70% increase in write power efficiency. With a stacked architecture of 16 dies in a single memory package, the new QLC device can achieve an impressive 4TB capacity.

Hideshi Miyajima, the Chief Technology Officer of Kioxia, expressed his excitement about the new product, stating, “With its industry-leading high bit density, high-speed data transfer, and superior power efficiency, the 2Tb QLC product will offer new value for rapidly emerging AI applications and large storage applications demanding power and space savings.”

Kioxia’s technology has also garnered the attention of Pure Storage, a company specializing in all-flash storage solutions. Pure’s DirectFlash Module (DFM) storage, which allows all-flash arrays to communicate directly with raw flash storage, already offers improved density and efficiency, as well as longer lifespans compared to traditional SSDs. The company has announced plans to release 150TB DFMs by 2025 and aims to ship 300TB DFMs by 2026. By incorporating Kioxia’s eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 2Tb QLC flash memory products into its offerings, Pure Storage hopes to further enhance the performance and efficiency of its all-flash storage solutions. This partnership aligns with Pure Storage’s goal of meeting the demanding needs of artificial intelligence applications while maintaining cost-effectiveness in the backup storage sector.

In addition to the 2Tb QLC device, Kioxia has also introduced a new 1Tb QLC memory device to its product portfolio. The 1Tb device offers approximately 30% faster sequential write performance and a 15% improvement in read latency compared to the 2Tb QLC device. This new memory device is designed for use in high-performance applications, such as client SSDs and mobile devices.

Charles Giancarlo, the Chief Executive Officer of Pure Storage, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Kioxia, saying, “We have a long-standing relationship with Kioxia and are delighted to incorporate their eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 2Tb QLC flash memory products to enhance the performance and efficiency of our all-flash storage solutions. Pure’s unified all-flash data storage platform is able to meet the demanding needs of artificial intelligence as well as the aggressive costs of backup storage.”

The collaboration between Kioxia and Pure Storage highlights the continuing efforts in the industry to meet the growing demands for high-capacity, efficient, and reliable storage solutions. As data volumes continue to increase exponentially and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, push the boundaries of computing and storage requirements, innovations like the eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology become crucial in delivering the necessary performance and power efficiency.

In conclusion, Kioxia’s announcement of its new 2Tb QLC devices utilizing the eighth-generation BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology marks a significant milestone in the memory industry. With its impressive bit density, high-speed data transfer, and superior power efficiency, this new product has immense potential for emerging applications in AI and large storage systems. The partnership between Kioxia and Pure Storage further reinforces the importance of such advancements in meeting the demands of modern storage solutions. As technology continues to progress, the industry will undoubtedly witness further innovations in memory technology that will drive the development of more efficient and powerful storage solutions.

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