Leaked Image Reveals Enhanced Sound Quality and Extended 24-Hour Battery Life in Upcoming Beats Pill

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The Beats Pill Plus was a popular Bluetooth speaker launched by Apple almost a decade ago. After being on the market for about five years, it was discontinued in 2022. However, leaks and sightings of a new Beats Bluetooth speaker have created excitement among tech enthusiasts and fans. Recently, 9To5Mac reported on several leaks and provided detailed insights into the upcoming 2024 Beats Pill.

According to the leaked information, the 2024 Beats Pill will bear a resemblance to its predecessor, the Pill Plus speaker, but with some noticeable changes. It will be slightly larger, measuring 8.6 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches (218 x 71 x 71 mm), but surprisingly lighter at 1.5 pounds (680 grams). The buttons on the top have been redesigned and are now recessed into the speaker. The volume control remains on the right, while the power button is on the left.

In terms of connectivity, the new Beats Pill will feature a modern USB-C port for charging instead of the older USB-A port. It will also support Bluetooth 5.3 and come with a lanyard for easy portability. These upgrades ensure compatibility with the latest devices and provide a convenient user experience.

One of the most significant improvements promised by insider sources is the audio quality of the 2024 Beats Pill. Apple and the Beats team have reportedly developed a reengineered racetrack woofer that can deliver 28% more motor force and displace 90% more air volume. This means that the bass produced by the new Beats Pill will be more pronounced and enhanced. The accompanying tweeters have also been redesigned, although specific details are still undisclosed. The tweeter sits inside secured housing for added stability, and the audio outputs are positioned at a 20-degree angle to prevent obstruction of sound.

Battery life is always a crucial factor in portable speakers, and the upcoming Beats Pill does not disappoint. It is rumored to offer up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge, a significant improvement over the previous model. The device is also expected to be more durable, with an IP67 resistance rating that ensures it can withstand dust and short periods of submersion underwater. This added durability makes the Beats Pill a versatile option for outdoor use.

One notable feature of the 2024 Beats Pill is its compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones, just like Beats’ latest earbuds and headphones. Additionally, it supports Apple’s Find My and Google’s Find My Device networks, enabling users to locate the speaker if it goes missing or gets misplaced.

As for pricing and availability, there is no specific information available yet. However, based on the previous model’s price of $250 in 2015, it is reasonable to expect a similar price range for the new Beats Pill. The leaked images showcase the speaker in three color options: black, red, and gold.

In conclusion, the imminent release of the 2024 Beats Pill has generated excitement among music enthusiasts and tech lovers. The leaks and insights provided by 9To5Mac shed light on the upcoming speaker’s design, hardware specifications, and new features. With improved audio quality, extended battery life, and enhanced durability, the new Beats Pill seems poised to build upon the success of its predecessor. As we await official announcements from Apple and Beats, anticipation is high for the launch of this highly anticipated Bluetooth speaker.

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