Likes on X are now officially being made private for all users (mostly).

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Introduction Twitter, now known as X, has recently made a significant change by making likes mostly private. This change is aimed at protecting users’ privacy and preventing public figures and politicians from facing backlash for liking controversial tweets. The company introduced this feature last year as a perk for X Premium subscribers but has now made it available for all users. In a tweet, the Engineering account at X announced the decision, stating that users will no longer be able to see who liked someone else’s post. However, they can still see who liked their own tweets and the associated metrics. This change, while lauded for protecting privacy, eliminates one of the benefits of having a premium subscription, which could affect the platform’s advertising revenue.

Privacy Protection and Avoiding PR Crises

X’s decision to make likes private is a commendable step toward protecting users’ privacy. In the past, politicians and public figures have faced scrutiny when their likes on controversial and offensive posts were made public. This feature allows users to express their preferences without fear of backlash from the public. It prevents potential PR crises that arise from seeing public figures liking salacious and unsavory tweets. By keeping likes private, X is acknowledging the need for a safer space on its platform.

Eliminating One Reason for Premium Subscription

While the move to make likes private is beneficial for users’ privacy, it comes at a cost for X’s premium subscription service. Last year, the company introduced two tiers for its subscription service in an attempt to boost its revenue. The Premium+ tier, priced at $16 per month, removes ads from users’ timelines, while the cheaper tier, priced at $3 per month, does not include the blue checkmark. The ability to hide likes was a perk exclusively available to Premium subscribers. By extending this feature to all users, X has eliminated one incentive for users to upgrade to the premium subscription, potentially impacting its advertising revenue.

Reduced Advertising Revenue and Financial Woes

The decision to make likes private raises questions about X’s advertising revenue, which experienced a significant decline last year. The introduction of the premium subscription service was an attempt to counter this decline and generate alternative sources of income. With the likes feature now available to all users, the premium subscription’s appeal diminishes. This change could potentially impact X’s revenue stream, forcing the company to explore new ways to attract advertisers and monetize its platform effectively.

Potential Impact on User Engagement

It remains to be seen how making likes private will affect user engagement on the platform. The public visibility of likes played a significant role in encouraging users to engage with content. The ability to see who liked a post created a sense of community and allowed users to discover like-minded individuals. With this feature removed, there may be a decrease in user engagement as users might feel disconnected from the wider community. X will need to monitor user behavior closely to understand the impact of this change on user activity and implement suitable modifications if necessary.

Maintaining User Trust

Privacy concerns have become increasingly important in the digital age, and companies like X are under constant scrutiny to protect user data and maintain trust. By making likes private, X is positioning itself as a platform that values user privacy and takes steps to safeguard it. This change demonstrates X’s commitment to addressing user concerns and ensuring a safer digital environment. By maintaining user trust, X can attract and retain a loyal user base, which is crucial for its long-term success.


X’s decision to make likes mostly private is a positive step toward protecting user privacy and preventing potential PR crises for public figures. While this change benefits users, it does impact the appeal of X’s premium subscription service by removing an exclusive perk. The impact on advertising revenue remains to be seen, and X may need to explore alternative strategies to mitigate any potential financial impact. Additionally, monitoring user engagement and trust will be crucial in ensuring that this change does not negatively impact user activity and perception of the platform. Overall, this move highlights X’s commitment to privacy and its efforts to create a safer space for users to express their preferences without fear of public scrutiny.

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