Live Updates: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic Game 3 NBA Playoffs Score

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The playoff series took a turn as Cleveland faced a tough loss against Orlando in Game 3. The Cavs, who were dominant in Games 1 and 2, struggled to keep up with the Magic on their home court. The Magic’s strong performance at home showcased their ability to play at a higher level in familiar territory.

The stark difference in the Magic’s performance at home versus on the road was evident in Game 3. Players like Paolo Banchero and Jalen Suggs shone brightly, exposing the Cavs’ defensive vulnerabilities. Despite leading in previous games, the Cavs were unable to contain the Magic’s offensive onslaught in Game 3.

The Cavs faced a significant deficit early on and struggled to catch up throughout the game. Magic’s key players like Banchero and Suggs outperformed Cleveland’s star players, leading to a lopsided victory for Orlando.

The series now stands at 2-1 in favor of the Cavs, with Game 4 scheduled in Orlando and Game 5 back in Cleveland. The Cavs will need to regroup and adjust their strategy to counter the Magic’s strong home court advantage if they hope to secure a spot in the next round.

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