Marjorie Taylor Greene to Push for Vote Next Week to Remove U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson • Indiana Capital Chronicle

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Two Republican House members, dissatisfied with Speaker Mike Johnson’s bipartisan approach to divided government, announced plans to push for a vote to remove him from his leadership position. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie held a press conference urging lawmakers to consider their stance on the motion to vacate over the weekend before the scheduled vote.

Greene criticized Democrats for supporting Johnson, suggesting it could be a disadvantage for them in the upcoming elections. She emphasized the importance of Republican lawmakers showing where they stand on the issue and whether they have listened to the voters’ feedback.

Both Greene and Massie expressed their opposition to the bipartisan bills passed under Johnson’s leadership, stating that the collaboration between parties was unnecessary. They believe that House leaders should be adversaries rather than collaborating on legislation.

Speaker Johnson responded to the motion to vacate, calling it detrimental to the Republican Conference, the institution, and the country. Democratic leaders have pledged support for Johnson during the floor vote, making it unlikely for the motion to succeed given the slim GOP majority.

Despite Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar’s support for removing Johnson, internal debates on House leadership are expected to be deferred until after the November elections. Greene emphasized the importance of the upcoming vote, giving Americans the opportunity to see where lawmakers stand on Johnson’s leadership.

The vote is set for next week, with Greene urging colleagues to prepare for it as she believes it is crucial for cleaning house and aligning the conference with President Trump’s agenda if he wins reelection in November. Trump has expressed his support for Johnson, praising his performance as speaker.

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