Meta to end support for original Quest headset by the end of April

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Support for the original Oculus Quest headset is coming to an end, as Meta has notified developers of their future plans for the device. Developers have until April 30 to roll out any app updates for the Quest 1 to the Meta Quest store, after which no new releases or updates will be allowed for the older model. Meta will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates until August 2024 before officially ending support for the first mainline headset.

The decision to discontinue support for the Quest 1 has been a long time coming, with Meta gradually phasing out features and upgrades. While the official support may end, there is still a possibility for the headset to find a new audience within niche online communities or through platforms like SideQuest, where independent developers can still sideload apps. However, users should be cautious of downloading software from unofficial sources to avoid malware.

The abrupt cutoff of support for the Quest 1 raises questions about the future of the Quest 2. Despite the improvements it brought at launch, the Quest 2 has been surpassed by other headsets in terms of performance. However, due to its popularity, it is unlikely to see a similar sudden end in support. The Quest 2 is expected to remain as the brand’s mid-range option moving forward.

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