NC State women’s basketball has made history by advancing to the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Final Four for just the second time in program history. Their victory over Texas in the regional final marks an impressive accomplishment for a team that started the season unranked in the AP Top 25.

Led by standout performances from Aziaha James, River Baldwin, Saniya Rivers, Zoe Brooks, and Mimi Collins, the Wolfpack showcased their depth and talent on the court. James especially shone by setting a new program record for most three-pointers made in a single game.

The team’s ability to maintain a strong lead throughout the game and respond to Texas’ efforts to close the gap demonstrates their resilience and determination. With an upcoming matchup against South Carolina in the national semifinal, NC State has the opportunity to continue their impressive postseason run.

As the Wolfpack head to Cleveland for the Final Four, fans have the chance to witness history in the making. The team’s success serves as a reminder of the dedication and hard work required to achieve such high levels of performance in collegiate athletics.

Overall, NC State’s journey to the Final Four is a testament to the team’s talent, perseverance, and unity on the court. The excitement and anticipation surrounding their upcoming games reflect the passion and pride of the Wolfpack community.

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