New AI gun detection system in NYC subway produces false alerts

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After New York City Mayor Eric Adams revealed plans to test AI gun detectors at subway stations, there was initial excitement surrounding the technology’s potential to enhance safety. However, concerns quickly arose when it was discovered that the AI-equipped scanners by Evolv were generating a high number of false positives during a trial at a Bronx hospital in 2022. In fact, 85 percent of the alarms triggered by the scanners were found to be false positives.

The data obtained from the public records request revealed that out of 194,000 scans performed over seven months, 50,000 resulted in false positive alarms. Interestingly, most of the true positive alarms were initiated by police officers rather than civilians carrying weapons. This raises doubts about the accuracy of the Evolv scanners and their ability to effectively detect concealed weapons.

Evolv claims that their scanners are able to detect a wide range of weapons using advanced sensors and electromagnetic fields. The company’s CEO has stated that the scanners can identify guns, bombs, and large tactical knives. However, the disappointing results from the 2022 pilot program, along with additional investigations, including those by regulatory bodies and legal action, suggest that Evolv’s technology may not be as reliable or effective as initially claimed.

In conclusion, while the idea of using AI to improve security measures is promising, it is crucial to thoroughly assess the accuracy and reliability of the technology before widespread implementation. The case of Evolv scanners serves as a reminder of the importance of validation and testing in the field of tech innovations.

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