Palmsy: The Device-Exclusive Social Network for All Your Posting Needs

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When you join a new social network, you start with zero friends, zero followers, and zero likes. However, as you begin to post content, you may receive more likes and comments, leading to new followers. This positive reinforcement can inspire you to continue posting. Palmsy, a new app, allows users to receive likes on their posts, but with a twist – no one can actually see the posts.

Users can create and publish as many posts as they like, even adding photos. However, all posts stay on the user’s device and all likes are simulated. The app reads your contact list to assign pretend likes, but does not send any contact information to a server.

Palmsy offers a unique way to receive feedback without the pressure of public scrutiny. Users can use the app as a personal diary or a place to share bad puns without fear of judgment. The developer has added advanced features that allow users to control the number of likes and the duration for which they come in.

This app joins other time-limiting apps in the effort to combat social media addiction. Some developers have created similar apps that allow users to post without consequences, similar to Palmsy.

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