Party Chat and More: Xbox Dashboard Comes to the Web by Microsoft

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Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox Cloud Gaming interface that brings the beloved social features and user interface (UI) from the Xbox dashboard to the cloud gaming experience. This announcement comes as a pleasant surprise for gaming enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for more accessible and seamless ways to connect with friends while playing their favorite games.

One of the standout features of this new interface is the inclusion of a web version of Xbox party chat. Previously, players had to rely on the dedicated Xbox desktop and mobile apps to join a call with friends. With the introduction of the web version, players can now conveniently use their browsers to connect with their gaming buddies.

But the enhancements don’t stop there. The updated web interface also allows players to easily find and manage Xbox friends, send messages, view user profiles and achievements, and access notifications. Microsoft’s decision to integrate these features into the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience demonstrates their commitment to creating a seamless and unified gaming ecosystem.

Initially, Microsoft is testing this new interface with Xbox Insiders before rolling it out to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users. This prudent approach ensures that any bugs or issues are ironed out before the wider audience gets access. It’s also worth mentioning that most of these new interface features will be available on smart TVs and Meta’s Quest VR headsets, expanding the accessibility of Xbox Cloud Gaming to a wider range of devices.

One notable omission, however, is the absence of Xbox party chat on smart TVs. While this feature is not available on these devices just yet, it’s highly likely that Microsoft will address this in future updates. This is a small setback considering the significant strides made in bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to a variety of platforms, reaffirming Microsoft’s commitment to making gaming accessible to all.

The integration of Xbox Cloud Gaming with the Xbox console Home screen UI is a significant improvement that adds more functionality to the gaming experience. Previously, most of the features were only accessible once a player launched an Xbox cloud game. However, with the new interface, players can now initiate Xbox party chats on the web and seamlessly transition between game sessions, providing a more immersive and convenient gaming experience for Xbox Cloud Gaming players.

Although this new interface is currently in the preview stage, Microsoft is actively working towards making it available to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users. While the timeline for a full release remains uncertain, the company’s dedication to regularly updating and improving its gaming infrastructure assures players that they won’t have to wait too long to enjoy these new features.

In addition to the Xbox Cloud Gaming interface, Microsoft is also introducing new game hubs in its Xbox app for Windows. This update is specifically aimed at PC players, allowing them to track their game progress, access add-ons, and receive news from developers, all within the Xbox app. This integration further enhances the PC gaming experience and brings it closer to the Xbox ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Xbox April console update is now rolling out to all consoles, introducing several notable features. One of these features is the ability to mute the Discord soundboard, which offers a more customizable audio experience for players. Additionally, the update includes notifications for OneDrive game capture storage space, providing players with timely information about their available storage. Furthermore, Microsoft has introduced new options for restricting the ability to install games or apps on an Xbox console, giving users more control over their console’s storage capacity.

Overall, Microsoft’s continuous efforts to improve the gaming experience across platforms are commendable. The latest developments in Xbox Cloud Gaming and the Xbox app for Windows demonstrate their commitment to creating an inclusive and feature-rich gaming environment. With the introduction of the new Xbox Cloud Gaming interface, players can look forward to enhanced social connectivity and seamless transitions between game sessions. As Microsoft continues to refine and expand its offerings, the future of gaming looks promising for both console and PC players alike.

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