Performance by Sammy Hagar and Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson, perform, Sammy Hagar

Renowned rocker Sammy Hagar, sporting a Toby Keith t-shirt, reminisced with the audience at the CMT Awards about the good times he shared with Keith in Cabo over the years. Hagar joked about closing down the Cabo Wabo bar more times than he could remember and shared fond memories from their wild times together. The duo’s close friendship was apparent as Hagar paid tribute to Keith with a performance of his hit song “I Love This Bar.”

The musical tribute to Toby Keith at the awards show brought together various performers, including Brooks & Dunn and Lainey Wilson, to commemorate Keith’s enduring legacy in the country music scene. Keith’s battle with stomach cancer and his subsequent passing earlier this year left a void in the industry, but his impact was celebrated through heartfelt performances and shared memories of his resilience and spirit.

As Hagar recalled his friendship with Keith, he shared anecdotes of their adventures together, from bonding over music to celebrating big wins in Las Vegas. It was evident that their connection went beyond just music, transcending into a genuine camaraderie that was cherished by both artists. Hagar’s participation in the tribute was a fitting homage to their friendship and the impact Keith had on those around him.

Despite being known for his rock persona, Hagar spoke fondly of his love for country music and the welcoming nature of the country music community. Collaborating with country artists and paying tribute to legends like Toby Keith felt natural to Hagar, who embraced the opportunity to honor his friend’s memory on a platform that celebrated the unity and camaraderie of the music industry.

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