Pixel phones receive significant security update from Google, fixing 50 vulnerabilities

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Title: The June 2024 Pixel Smartphone Update: Enhancing Security and Protecting against Exploits


In June 2024, Pixel smartphones received significant updates that have bolstered their security. Gemini Nano, a new feature, was introduced to the Pixel 8a, while Google released an extensive security patch for multiple models. The patch addresses 50 vulnerabilities, varying in severity from moderate to critical. Among these, the CVE-2024-32896 flaw stands out as it allows bad actors to exploit a bug or design flaw to gain unrestricted access to a Pixel smartphone’s resources. This particular vulnerability has prompted Google to issue a specific warning, signaling a potential targeted exploitation. Therefore, it is crucial for users to install the patch promptly to safeguard their devices.

Installing the Security Patch:

Users can easily download the security update for their Pixel phones. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings menu on your Pixel phone.
2. Go to Security & Privacy, then System & Updates.
3. Scroll down to the Security Update and select Install.
4. Allow the device sufficient time to install the patch, and then restart the smartphone.

The patch not only fixes the EoP vulnerability but also addresses other critical components, such as the Pixel Firmware fingerprint sensor, as well as various Qualcomm and Qualcomm closed-source components. Users should prioritize the installation of this update to ensure their devices remain protected against potential threats.

Differences between Pixel and Third-Party Android Devices:

It is important to note that the EoP vulnerability appears to be specific to third-party Android hardware, which will have a separate patch release schedule. This distinction is due to the unique features and capabilities that third-party devices possess, necessitating a different rollout approach. In April, developers for GrapheneOS, a security-focused version of Android, discovered the EoP flaw. However, non-Pixel devices are not expected to receive the patch until Android 15 is launched. Consequently, these devices may remain susceptible to the EoP bug until the new operating system becomes available. The GrapheneOS team has indicated that the June update has not been backported, further emphasizing the delayed availability for third-party devices.

The Significance of Security Updates:

The release of security updates underlines the paramount importance of keeping our smartphones protected. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, regular updates play a crucial role in shielding devices from potential vulnerabilities. By addressing security flaws promptly, smartphone manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to user safety and privacy.

The Need for Third-Party Android Users to Remain Vigilant:

While the focus of this security update is primarily on Pixel devices, it is essential for users of third-party Android devices to prioritize their safety as well. These users should consider alternative security measures to protect themselves until the necessary patches are made available. Employing reliable antivirus applications can provide an additional layer of protection against potential threats. TechRadar’s list of the best Android antivirus apps for 2024 offers recommendations that can help users enhance their device’s security.


The June 2024 Pixel smartphone update represents a significant milestone in enhancing device security and protecting against potential exploits. With the introduction of Gemini Nano and a comprehensive security patch addressing 50 vulnerabilities, including the critical EoP flaw, Pixel users can rest assured that their devices are safeguarded against potential threats. It is vital for Pixel owners to promptly install the patch to ensure their smartphones remain secure and their personal data protected. Furthermore, third-party Android users should remain vigilant and consider using alternative security measures until the necessary patches become available. Taking a proactive approach in securing our smartphones allows us to enjoy the benefits of advanced technology while minimizing the risks associated with cyber threats.

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