Playstation VR on PC: A Hopeful Reality

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Title: PlayStation VR 2: Introducing PC Compatibility and the Future of Virtual Reality


The PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) has gained significant attention among gaming enthusiasts with its impressive features and immersive virtual reality experience. Sony’s plan to introduce PC compatibility for the PSVR2 is expected to open up new possibilities and attract a wider user base. In this article, we will explore the potential implications of this development and delve into the future of virtual reality gaming.

The Fabled PC Connection

Recent filings with the South Korean government suggest that Sony is working on an “adapter” for the PSVR2, enabling it to connect to PCs. Though details concerning this adapter remain scarce, it is speculated that it will be a dongle or connector that needs to be plugged into a PC for compatibility. The certification date of May 27 indicates that Sony is actively moving forward with this development.

The Implication for PC Compatibility

The inclusion of PC compatibility for the PSVR2 has the potential to greatly enhance the gaming experience for users. While it is unclear whether the PSVR2 will have full compatibility, allowing users to access PC VR games directly, it is anticipated that players may be restricted to streaming their PC games to the headset, similar to the Meta Quest headsets. This would provide players with greater access to a more extensive library of VR games.

Sony’s Strategy

Sony has recently made efforts to expand its gaming presence beyond its PlayStation consoles. An example of this is the release of first-party titles on Windows PCs, such as the critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima. However, Sony’s history of requiring users to sign into a PlayStation Network account for cross-platform games suggests that they may still want some control over how the headset is used. This could potentially limit the extent of PC compatibility.

The Price Factor

The initial price tag of $550 for the PSVR2 may have been a deterrent for some potential buyers. However, the price has reportedly dropped to around $100 cheaper since its release. Sony’s decision to cut production until demand increases shows their commitment to making the device more accessible. This price reduction may attract more users to invest in the PSVR2, especially considering the device’s impressive twin OLED displays and eye tracking capabilities.

Competition and the Future of VR Gaming

The PSVR2 faces competition from the Meta Quest 3, which boasts advanced AR passthrough capabilities. In order to stay ahead in the market, Sony needs to adapt its strategy and embrace a more open approach to virtual reality gaming. Meta’s plans for Horizon OS, an operating system for other VR developers to create their own devices, indicates a shift towards collaboration and increased competition in the VR market.

The Potential Renaissance for VR Gaming

Despite its popularity, VR gaming still faces challenges due to limited game selection and exclusivity. By allowing users to access a broader range of titles, including popular exclusives, the PSVR2 can create a renaissance for VR gaming in 2024. Additionally, the addition of PlayStation VR titles to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription further enhances the value proposition for users.


The introduction of PC compatibility for the PSVR2 opens up new opportunities for gamers and signifies Sony’s recognition of the potential of cross-platform gaming. While the specifics of the PSVR2 adapter are yet to be unveiled, the prospect of accessing PC VR games with the Sony-brand headset is an exciting development for virtual reality enthusiasts. As the VR market continues to evolve, it is crucial for companies like Sony to adapt their strategies and prioritize user accessibility and game selection to shape the future of virtual reality gaming.

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