Potential Release: Enhanced Apple Intelligence and Improved Siri Expected on iPhones in Spring

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Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is set to receive a major upgrade in the spring of 2025 with the introduction of Apple Intelligence AI system. This information was shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter. Apple has previously mentioned that the flagship AI features would be available next year, but Gurman’s insights provide a more specific timeline.

Apple typically releases new features gradually through point updates across its operating systems. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that Siri’s capabilities will be enhanced with the Apple Intelligence AI system. For instance, Siri might gain the ability to access and sift through your extensive photo library in Photos to find your ID, or automatically copy your driver’s license number for online forms. However, certain AI-powered features like emoji generation or writing assistance might not be available initially.

As beta versions of iOS 18 are released later this year and the 18.4 update approaches, we should get a clearer understanding of the upcoming features. In the meantime, we can anticipate the integration of ChatGPT, an improved Siri interface with a pulsing rainbow animation replacing the previous circular graphic, and enhanced product knowledge enabling Siri to provide basic tech support. These features are expected to be rolled out this fall.

Looking ahead, Apple’s AI roadmap includes the possibility of AirPods with embedded cameras. Rumors about these AirPods have circulated in the past, with supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting that they would feature infrared sensors and work in conjunction with the Vision Pro for hand gesture and motion detection. Gurman compares this concept to Meta’s Ray-ban glasses, where AI processing can provide descriptions of the user’s environment and assist with navigation while walking. However, it is worth noting that these advanced AirPods Pro might still be a few generations away.

In conclusion, Siri’s capabilities are set to improve significantly in the spring of 2025 with the introduction of Apple Intelligence AI system. While specifics about the AI features in the upcoming iOS 18.4 update remain unknown, beta versions of iOS 18 will provide more insights. In the near future, users can expect features like ChatGPT integration, a revamped Siri interface, and enhanced product knowledge. And although rumors suggest the possibility of AirPods with embedded cameras, we may have to wait a few more generations before enjoying these advanced capabilities.

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