Powerful earthquake rattles U.S. East Coast, causing significant impact on New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and surrounding areas

Earthquake, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, U.S. East Coast

Governor Kathy Hochul of New York reported that a recent earthquake was felt across the state, with her team assessing the impacts and potential damage. Mayor Eric Adams of New York City also confirmed in a news briefing that there were no major injuries or infrastructure impacts, reassuring residents to continue with their normal activities.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued ground stops at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, causing flight disruptions and delays at Newark airport. The Port Authority Transit Corp. suspended service to conduct inspections following the quake, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority stated that while their service was not affected, train lines will be inspected as a precaution.

While earthquakes in the northeastern United States are uncommon, recent seismic activity in the region has sparked concerns. Experts like Frederik J. Simons from Princeton University explained that the East Coast’s older, denser rocks can transmit energy more effectively, leading to more pronounced shaking compared to the West Coast. The recent earthquake occurred on the Ramapo fault system in New Jersey, highlighting the region’s tectonic activity.

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey activated the state’s emergency operations center, urging the public to reserve 911 calls for emergencies only. This earthquake, categorized as one of the largest in New Jersey’s recent history, stirred memories of previous seismic events in the area, illustrating the region’s vulnerability to geological disturbances.

As seismic events continue to occur worldwide, it’s crucial for communities to remain vigilant and prepared for potential earthquakes. Proper emergency response planning and infrastructure maintenance can mitigate risks and ensure public safety in the event of natural disasters.

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