Prepare for the release of an all-digital Xbox Series X this holiday season

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At the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft made an exciting announcement regarding their console lineup. Among the announcements was the introduction of a refreshed Xbox Series X, this time without a disc drive and in a stunning robot white colorway. This new version, equipped with 1TB of storage, will be available for a price of $450. This is slightly lower than the original Series X, which has an MSRP of $500 but is often sold at a discounted price (currently available for $450 on Microsoft’s website).

The launch of a discless version of the Xbox Series X did not come as a surprise to many. Back in March, a leak hinted at the possibility of an all-digital robot white model in development. Similar to Sony’s PS5 refresh, which was released last year, Microsoft may also offer a disc drive attachment for those who decide later on to play physical games on their Series X.

In addition to the discless version, Microsoft also introduced a special edition Xbox Series X. This model, known as the galaxy black edition, will come with a disc drive and double the internal storage capacity of the regular Series X, offering a generous 2TB. It will be packaged with a matching controller and will be priced at $600.

Moving on to the Xbox Series S, Microsoft is planning a more modest update for this console. Last year, Microsoft released a 1TB model in carbon black, and now they intend to release a version with the same storage capacity but in the original colorway. The 1TB robot white Xbox Series S will be available in select markets for $350. It is worth noting that the black model will only be available “while supplies last,” indicating that Microsoft is gradually phasing out this variant.

While Microsoft has not provided specific details on availability and regional pricing for these refreshed console models, they have mentioned that more information will be shared soon. Additionally, Microsoft has expressed plans for creating controller designs that will be specifically tailored to certain games, as well as introducing more Xbox Series X console wraps.

In conclusion, the Xbox Games Showcase brought forth exciting news for Xbox fans. The introduction of a discless Xbox Series X, along with a special edition variant and a refreshed Xbox Series S, provides gamers with more options to choose from. Microsoft’s decision to release these new models in different colorways and bundle them with unique accessories adds a touch of personalization to the gaming experience. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these console refreshes contribute to the overall gaming ecosystem.

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