Report: Elon Musk Aims for Grok AI to Write Posts for Paying X Users

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Over the years, Elon Musk has been vocal about his concerns regarding the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). However, it seems that his own AI chatbot, Grok, has not garnered the same level of concern from him. Grok recently made headlines for creating and promoting dangerous fake stories, leading many to question Musk’s judgment in integrating it further into X, his social media platform.

According to a report from Fortune, Musk wants to integrate Grok directly into the tweet composer for X Premium users. He believes that Grok will help users sound smarter with its AI-generated tweets. However, this decision raises several issues that even X employees acknowledge and have tried to delay.

One major concern is the rampant spam and bot problem on X since Musk’s takeover. Bots and spammers often utilize AI writing tools and chatbots, which could worsen the problem if Grok is integrated into the platform. The slower performance of Musk’s x.AI API, which powers Grok, has also posed challenges for X engineers, further complicating the integration process.

Additionally, Grok’s track record of fabricating stories and presenting them as fact is a significant issue. These fabricated stories have even been promoted by X’s new trending topics and Explore features. This raises questions about the reliability of the platform and the potential harm it could cause to its users if Grok’s content is intertwined with genuine information.

Furthermore, Ed Zitron of the Better Offline Podcast highlights a potential flaw in Grok’s training process. As Grok is already trained on data from users’ tweets, generating posts through Grok and then allowing it to train on that content could result in a deterioration of its performance. Research has shown that training an AI model on AI-generated content often leads to defects in the model, making it less reliable and accurate.

Despite the concerns raised by X employees and industry experts, Musk had initially requested the integration of Grok into the tweet composer for X Premium users. While this feature has not been implemented yet, it is likely to be introduced unless the engineers can persuade Musk otherwise. Consequently, X may soon see a surge in AI-generated spam and bots, potentially undermining the platform’s credibility and user experience.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s apparent lack of concern over the flaws in his own AI chatbot, Grok, raises eyebrows. Integrating Grok into X’s tweet composer poses several issues, including exacerbating the spam and bot problem, technical challenges with Musk’s x.AI API, the propagation of fabricated stories, and potential defects resulting from training on AI-generated content. These concerns highlight the need for careful consideration of the implications of AI integration and the importance of maintaining platform integrity.

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