Review of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

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When Elden Ring was given a perfect score two years ago, it was not just because it was an incredible game, but because it set a new standard for open-world games. The game’s encouragement of exploration, rewarding curiosity, and challenging players to find their own solutions to combat encounters with a variety of weapons and build options was truly exceptional. Now, FromSoftware is back with a DLC that sets a new standard for what players can expect from additional content.

Shadow of the Erdtree, the latest DLC for Elden Ring, may not introduce radically new gameplay elements, but it manages to capture the magic of the base game in a smaller package. The expansion offers a vast realm filled with secrets, discoveries, and challenging boss battles that will test even the most seasoned Souls fans.

The DLC introduces over 40 bosses, with 10 of them being major showstoppers that reward players with a Remembrance upon defeat. The Realm of Shadow may seem small on the map, but its dense layout, with paths leading to ruins in the sky and hidden ladders leading to new areas, makes for a rich and immersive experience.

Players are guided through the DLC by following in the footsteps of the demigod Miquella, with marked crosses serving as subtle signposts along the way. The addition of new NPCs and their questlines adds depth to the story and allows players to uncover exciting revelations about the game’s lore.

With new weapon types, spells, and build options, players have a wide range of playstyles to experiment with. The DLC introduces exciting new talismans that enhance gameplay and offer unique abilities. While some players may find themselves gravitating back to their trusty weapons from the base game, the new additions provide fresh opportunities for diverse gameplay.

Overall, Shadow of the Erdtree offers a condensed Elden Ring experience tailored for end-game characters. The addition of new challenges, discoveries, and rewards make it a satisfying and engaging expansion to an already stellar game. Players can easily spend hours exploring the new content and experimenting with different builds, making it a worthwhile investment for fans of the franchise.

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