Rumors Suggest Siri in iOS 18 Could Gain Enhanced Conversation Abilities and Versatility through Advanced AI

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Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2024 event has generated a lot of excitement and speculation about the AI features that the company might introduce, particularly regarding Siri. A recent report from the New York Times has shed some light on the matter, suggesting that an upgraded version of Siri will be at the center of iOS 18. The report indicates that Apple has been working for over a year to make Siri more competitive with ChatGPT, an advanced chatbot developed by OpenAI.

According to the New York Times, the new and improved Siri will be “more conversational and versatile.” It will be designed to keep conversations going rather than simply responding to one question at a time. Apple has reportedly allocated additional resources to Siri development, which was partly responsible for the cancellation of the Apple Car project.

Despite efforts to improve Siri’s capabilities, the report asserts that Siri will not directly compete with chatbots like ChatGPT. Instead, Siri will focus on enhancing its existing functionalities, such as timers, calendar appointments, and lists. Additionally, Siri will be capable of summarizing text messages, a feature that has been hinted at in previous reports.

To better understand Apple’s AI strategy, it is important to look at the different components involved. Apple is developing its own in-house Large Language Models (LLMs) for on-device tasks and cloud processing. These LLMs will be integrated into the software, and Apple will also incorporate a third-party chatbot. It is speculated that this chatbot could be either ChatGPT from OpenAI or Google Gemini.

In terms of the integration of these different AI components, there seems to be some overlap. Apple’s development of its own LLMs suggests that it may not necessarily require additional assistance from OpenAI or Google. The exact division of tasks between the different services remains uncertain, but it is expected that Apple will clarify these details at WWDC 2024, which commences on June 10.

Apple’s focus on AI is not surprising given the growing importance of artificial intelligence in the tech industry. With companies like Google and Microsoft making significant advancements in AI technologies, Apple aims to stay competitive by enhancing Siri’s capabilities. Siri has been a staple feature of Apple devices for years, but it has often fallen behind other voice assistants in terms of functionality and conversation flow.

By developing its own in-house LLMs, Apple can take more control over the AI capabilities of its devices. These LLMs will enable Siri to process complex language tasks directly on the device, without relying heavily on cloud processing. This approach aligns with Apple’s commitment to user privacy and data security, as more processing will occur locally on the device rather than sending data to external servers.

Integrating a third-party chatbot into its software is an interesting move for Apple. It shows that the company recognizes the demand for more advanced conversational AI capabilities. By partnering with either OpenAI or Google, Apple can leverage their expertise in chatbot development while focusing on improving Siri’s core functionalities. This approach mirrors Apple’s strategy with search, where Siri can search the web, but actual search work is outsourced to Google.

In conclusion, Apple appears to be making significant strides in improving Siri’s AI capabilities. The upcoming iOS 18 update is expected to introduce a more conversational and versatile Siri, capable of keeping conversations flowing. Integrating its own in-house LLMs and a third-party chatbot into its software, Apple aims to enhance Siri’s functionalities while addressing the demand for advanced conversational AI. With its commitment to user privacy and data security, Apple strives to strike a balance between on-device processing and cloud-powered capabilities. It will be exciting to see the specific AI features that Apple unveils at WWDC 2024 and how they will shape the future of its voice assistant.

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