Samsung Galaxy Ring could potentially offer larger batteries for bigger hands

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Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Ring is generating a lot of buzz, and recently, an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) listing was discovered that sheds new light on this wearable device. The listing reveals that there will be not eight, as previously reported, but nine different models available at launch. The models range from SM-Q500 to SM-Q509, with the omission of SM-Q504. Additionally, the Galaxy Ring series offers a range of ring widths from US size 5 to 13, with SM-Q505 being the smallest at size 5 and SM-Q502 being the largest at size 12. However, SM-Q503’s details are still unknown as it was missing from Samsung’s test report.

The images of the SM-Q503, which were once present in the FCC listing, have since been removed. However, Droid Life saved these images during their coverage. Interestingly, the Galaxy Ring pictured in these images looks slightly different from the silver prototype seen in February. The outside of the device appears to have a black matte coating, while the inside is glossy. Moreover, the images reveal some sensors protruding from the device. These details align with what industry analyst Avi Greengart predicted earlier this year, stating that the Galaxy Ring would come in three finishes and in sizes up to 13.

One of the most intriguing pieces of information from the FCC listing is the potential correlation between battery size and ring size. It is stated that the battery size of the different models may vary. For instance, SM-Q505 to SM-Q507 are expected to have the smallest battery at 17 mAh, while SM-Q508, Q509, Q500, and Q501 will have a mid-range battery capacity of 18.5 mAh. The largest battery is said to be present in SM-Q502 and SM-Q503, with a capacity of 22 mAh. This raises the question of whether users with thicker fingers would have a longer battery life compared to those with slimmer fingers.

In March 2024, Dr. Hon Pak, Head of Samsung’s Digital Health Team, made a statement about the Galaxy Ring’s battery life, claiming that it could last anywhere from five to nine days on a single charge, depending on usage. Considering this, it is possible that the SM-Q503, with its larger battery, could potentially last over a week. However, without concrete information on battery longevity or charging speeds, it is challenging to make definitive statements.

The FCC listing also includes drawings of what appears to be the Galaxy Ring’s charging dock. Each dock has the corresponding model number of the Galaxy Ring etched onto it, suggesting a potential size difference based on the device it accompanies. The dock itself is square and features a USB port on the side, presumably for a USB-C cable.

Overall, the FCC listing provides valuable insights into the Samsung Galaxy Ring, unveiling new details about the different models and their sizes, battery capacities, and potential battery life. While some information remains unknown, such as the exact specifications of the SM-Q503 and the charging dock’s dimensions, the listing offers an exciting glimpse into the features and capabilities of this highly anticipated wearable device.

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