Samsung Galaxy S23 users report issues with unresponsive touchscreens following One UI 6.1 update.

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After Samsung released the new One UI 6.1 update for their older phones, some Galaxy S23 users are experiencing touchscreen issues. Complaints have surfaced on various forums about unresponsive displays and limited touchscreen functionality. While some users have non-OEM screens, which may be causing the problem, others are facing issues even with original parts.

It is important to note that such issues often arise with major software updates as devices need time to reindex data and recalibrate settings to adapt to the new software demands. Additionally, app-specific updates could further strain the device’s chipset initially. However, these issues typically subside once apps are optimized for the latest OS version.

If you are facing touchscreen problems after updating to One UI 6.1, it is recommended to wait a day or two before restarting the device. This could potentially resolve the problem as apps get optimized. Using the S Pen temporarily to navigate the phone could be a workaround until the issue is resolved. Samsung is likely to release a software patch to address any underlying concerns in the near future.

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