Samsung’s main competitor to build world’s largest chip factory with a price tag exceeding $90 billion; completion expected within 20 years, sparking speculation on future tech innovations

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SK Hynix, a key player in the tech industry and Samsung’s main competitor in memory production, has revealed its ambitious project to construct the largest chip manufacturing facility in the world. The construction will take place at the Yongin Semiconductor Cluster in South Korea and will consist of four units. The first unit, set to begin construction in March 2025, is planned to be a groundbreaking three-story fabrication plant on a massive scale.

This significant project comes with a hefty price tag of over 120 trillion won and is expected to be completed by 2046, spanning over two decades. Despite facing delays due to various factors, including the impact of Covid-19, the project gained momentum in 2022 with the support of government and industry partnerships.

With a strong government backing and a commitment to propel Korea’s chip industry to new heights, SK Hynix aims to ensure the country remains a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. The government is set to unveil strategies to boost AI chip exports and enhance semiconductor equipment capabilities in the coming months.

In addition to building the world’s largest chip factory, SK Hynix is also looking to invest $4 billion in constructing an advanced chip packaging facility in West Lafayette, Indiana. This move demonstrates the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and meeting the growing demand for cutting-edge semiconductor products.

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