Several accessibility improvements included in the recent ChromeOS update

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Chrome users have reason to celebrate as the platform receives several updates aimed at improving accessibility and functionality. Along with an update to the mobile app’s search function, Chromebooks are receiving a patch in the form of ChromeOS M126. While not a major refresh, this update introduces several quality-of-life improvements that make the system more accessible and user-friendly.

One of the notable updates in ChromeOS M126 is the addition of Super Resolution to the Chromebook Camera app. This feature allows the camera to zoom in on objects, even if they don’t have a built-in optical motor. On certain high-performance Chromebooks, Super Resolution can enhance the visual quality of the photos captured. However, it is unclear which specific models will receive this feature.

Another visual improvement comes in the form of the integration of the Magnifier tool into Select to Speak. Now, when Select to Speak reads words aloud, Magnifier automatically follows along and enlarges the text, ensuring users never lose their place. To further enhance the zooming capability, users can press the Ctrl, Alt, and Brightness Up keys to zoom in, and the Brightness Down key to zoom out.

Google has also made efforts to enhance the user experience for individuals who are photosensitive or have cognitive differences. They have introduced the option to adjust the blinking cursor rate, allowing for a more comfortable browsing experience.

Moving away from accessibility updates, ChromeOS M126 also provides users with extra tools. One such tool is Quick Start, which allows users to connect their Android smartphone to their Chromebook, facilitating the migration of Wi-Fi and Google Account login information. This feature streamlines the setup process by eliminating the need to manually enter passwords.

In addition, Google has introduced more granular parental control options by splitting permissions for sites, extensions, and apps. This update gives parents greater control over what their children can access, ensuring a safer browsing experience. Supervised accounts now require approval before installing extensions, providing an additional layer of security.

Furthermore, a new system option allows users to disable the swiping gesture when navigating between pages. This feature caters to users who prefer a different method of page navigation, offering them more flexibility and customization options.

As an additional enhancement, Google is launching multi-calendar support for the Google Calendar app. This feature enables users to view events from multiple sources in one unified calendar interface. This update simplifies the process of managing different calendars and makes it easier to stay organized.

ChromeOS M126 will be rolling out gradually over the next few days, so users should keep an eye out for the update. It is important to note that not all devices may be immediately eligible for the update. We reached out to Google for clarification on the eligibility criteria and will provide an update if we receive a response.

In conclusion, ChromeOS M126 brings several improvements to the Chrome platform, enhancing accessibility, functionality, and user experience. The addition of Super Resolution to the Chromebook Camera app, the integration of the Magnifier tool into Select to Speak, and the introduction of Quick Start for easy setup are just a few of the updates that make ChromeOS M126 a significant release. With the inclusion of multi-calendar support and more granular parental control options, this update caters to a wide range of user needs. As Chromebook users eagerly await the arrival of ChromeOS M126, it is clear that Google is committed to continuously improving the Chrome platform and providing its users with a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

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