Sony eliminates 8K label from PlayStation 5 packaging

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Sony has recently made a notable change to its PlayStation 5 (PS5) packaging by removing the “8K” label. This has led to speculation that either Sony has conceded that promoting 8K capabilities was unnecessary, or that they are saving the true 8K capabilities for a rumored PS5 Pro release later this year. This change in packaging has been observed by Redditors on the r/gamingnews subreddit and by Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, but surprisingly, it went unnoticed by many others for a significant period of time. This raises questions about the significance and relevance of the “8K” claim that Sony initially made for its console.

The older PS5 boxes clearly stated that 8K, 4K, 120 Hz, and HDR content would require a compatible display and supporting software. While the console itself should technically be able to handle 8K with support from HDMI 2.1, the reality is that there are very few games or media content available in true 8K resolution. Most games, even those marketed as being capable of 8K, actually scale down to 4K when played on the PS5. The only game that natively supports 8K is the 2019 indie puzzle game The Touryst, and Monster Hunter: Rise can technically push up to 5K. With such limited options for 8K content, the question arises whether the PS5 ever truly supported 8K as claimed.

The original PS5 FAQ stated that the console is compatible with 8K displays at launch, but would require a future system software update to be able to output resolutions up to 8K when content becomes available. However, this promised update never materialized, further casting doubt on the console’s true 8K capabilities. Additionally, even if there were more 8K content available, the difference in visual quality between increasingly higher resolutions may not be easily discernible to most viewers. For instance, while some movies claim to reach resolutions of 7,680 x 4,320, the fundamental differences between these larger resolutions remain questionable.

This brings us to the potential solution of the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro mid-life refresh. There have been speculations that the PS5 Pro will support true 8K and potentially feature Sony’s own upscaling technology to enhance the resolution of current 4K games. Samsung’s 8K TVs, for example, promised AI upscaling but failed to impress. The hope is that Sony can deliver a more successful implementation of high-resolution upscaling. If the rumors are true, the PS5 Pro could become the go-to choice for gamers and media enthusiasts seeking a truly immersive 8K experience.

In conclusion, Sony’s removal of the “8K” label from its PS5 packaging raises questions about the significance of the claim and the console’s true 8K capabilities. With limited available content and potential visual differences between higher resolutions that are difficult to perceive, the need for true 8K support becomes questionable. However, the rumored PS5 Pro mid-life refresh could address these concerns by offering genuine 8K capabilities and enhanced upscaling technology. Gamers and media enthusiasts will eagerly await Sony’s official announcement regarding the PS5 Pro and its potential to deliver a more immersive high-resolution experience.

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