Sophia Bush reveals she is queer and announces relationship with Ashlyn Harris

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Actress Sophia Bush recently shared her journey of coming out as queer in a heartfelt essay published in Glamour. She bravely opened up about her relationship with retired soccer player Ashlyn Harris and expressed her frustration at the need to still come out in a time when the LGBTQIA+ community is facing increased attacks.

Bush highlighted the alarming number of anti-LGBTQ bills proposed in state legislatures and how it pushed her to give coming out the respect it deserves. She emphasized feeling a sense of safety, respect, and love within the queer community and how she has always known her sexuality exists on a spectrum, defining it now as queer.

Despite facing rumors and judgment from others, Bush focused on the support and understanding she received from those closest to her, particularly her mother. She shared the relief she felt in finally being able to share her truth and how it allowed her to breathe freely for the first time.

It’s important to recognize and celebrate individuals like Sophia Bush who courageously share their stories, paving the way for greater acceptance and understanding in society. Opening up about one’s identity is a deeply personal and empowering experience, and it’s wonderful to see Bush embrace her true self and find happiness in her newfound authenticity.

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