South Carolina defeats NC State 78-59, secures spot in national championship game

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The Women’s Final Four game between NC State and South Carolina showcased a battle of strengths and weaknesses. NC State’s defense lived up to its ranking in the first half, limiting South Carolina’s top scorers and forcing turnovers. However, Kamilla Cardoso’s dominant performance, especially in the paint, turned the tide in favor of the Gamecocks.

The game started off with both teams showing nerves, committing turnovers early on. Aziaha James stepped up for NC State with some crucial shots to keep them in the game. Mimi Collins and Zoe Brooks also made significant contributions, keeping the Wolfpack within striking distance by halftime.

The third quarter was where South Carolina asserted its dominance, showcasing both their defensive prowess and offensive firepower. The balanced scoring and sharpshooting from beyond the arc helped the Gamecocks pull away and build a comfortable lead. Kamilla Cardoso’s inside presence, along with Ashlyn Watkins’ impressive rebounding, proved too much for NC State to handle.

As the game progressed into the fourth quarter, it was evident that South Carolina was on a mission to secure their spot in the national championship game. With a convincing win over NC State, the Gamecocks proved that they were a force to be reckoned with. Their performance showcased why they have one of the best defenses and offenses in the nation.

Looking ahead, South Carolina will be looking to capitalize on their momentum and secure the ultimate prize in the national championship game. The stage is set for an exciting showdown on Sunday.

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