Spain edges past Germany in extra time to secure spot in semifinals

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The live coverage for this event has concluded, with Germany having a chance to take the lead at 2:38pm ET. This exciting match saw Spain reclaim the lead at 2:34pm ET, prompting questions about calls made during the game at 2:24pm ET. It was a closely contested game, with Wirtz getting a look at 2:16pm ET but ultimately being denied. Germany managed to tie the game at 1:51pm ET, showcasing their resilience. Despite Havertz’s efforts, Germany couldn’t break through at 1:43pm ET, and Andrich was unable to score at 1:33pm ET. The game reached halftime with the score tied at 0-0 at 12:51pm ET. Throughout the match, there were standout moments like Simon denying a shot at 12:26pm ET and Spain failing to capitalize on opportunities at 12:18pm ET. As the game progressed, Pedri was substituted out at 12:11pm ET, and despite quick shots, neither team could score at 12:03pm ET. Pregame chatter and anticipation set the stage for this thrilling match, which began at 11:30pm ET.

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