Supercell’s Latest Sensation, Squad Busters, Delivers Pure Dopamine to Young Gamers

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Supercell, the Finnish mobile game developer, has recently released its newest title called Squad Busters. This game marks Supercell’s first new release in over five years and has already gained massive popularity within just a day of its launch. Accompanying the release is a hilarious promotional video featuring renowned actors Chris Hemsworth and Ken Jeong.

As of now, Squad Busters has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play, making it the most downloaded app in 122 countries on Wednesday. Intrigued by all the buzz surrounding the game, I decided to give it a try and see what the fuss was all about.

Similar to Supercell’s other games, Squad Busters is available for free download. However, as is common with many free-to-play games, the option for in-app purchases is available for those who want to progress faster in the game. The objective of Squad Busters is to build your squad and collect as many gems as possible. Gems can be acquired by defeating monsters, raiding chests, or engaging in battles with other online players and their squads. The more gems you accumulate, the stronger and more formidable your squad becomes.

At the beginning of the game, you start off as a solitary barbarian. However, you can swiftly expand your squad by adding new members from Supercell’s previous popular titles like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. To navigate the game, you simply run around the map using the touchscreen on your phone. When you encounter a coin-filled chest, a monster, or another player, you halt your character’s movement, and they will engage in a brawl. The only controls in the game are to fight or flee.

After spending some time playing Squad Busters, I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed. While some may appreciate the game’s simplicity, I found it lacking in depth and variety. Unlike Supercell’s other titles that require strategic thinking, Squad Busters feels one-dimensional. The limited controls and repetitive gameplay contribute to this feeling.

When comparing Squad Busters to Supercell’s flagship game Clash of Clans, it’s unlikely that the former will reach the same level of popularity. Clash of Clans is recognized as one of the world’s most popular mobile games in terms of consumer spending. However, it’s important to note that Squad Busters is free to play, so the lack of complexity can be somewhat forgiven. Despite its shortcomings, the game still serves as a decent time-killer and is arguably a more mentally stimulating alternative to endlessly scrolling through social media platforms.

In conclusion, Supercell’s Squad Busters has garnered significant attention since its release. With already over 10 million downloads and topping charts in various countries, it has quickly gained popularity among mobile game enthusiasts. However, while the game offers entertainment and a break from social media monotony, it lacks the strategic elements found in Supercell’s other titles. If you’re looking for a simple and casual game to pass the time, Squad Busters may fit the bill.

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