Survey Commissioned by D-Wave Shows Optimistic ROI Expectations for Quantum Computing

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Businesses that have incorporated quantum computing into their operations are anticipating significant returns on investment. A recent study conducted by Hyperion Research indicates that these companies expect a combined positive financial impact of up to $51.5 billion from their quantum optimization efforts. This demonstrates the growing recognition of the real-world benefits of quantum computing in driving business improvements.

The survey also highlights a shift towards greater adoption of quantum technology, with 21% of respondents planning to put quantum systems into production within the next 12 to 18 months. Businesses are looking to quantum optimization as a way to enhance efficiency, increase revenues, and drive innovation across various industries such as finance, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

Performance improvements on key workloads are seen as a major driver for quantum computing adoption, with both technical and senior management teams advocating for its integration. This signifies a growing enterprise-wide interest in leveraging quantum solutions to solve complex business problems.

Overall, the survey results point towards a future where quantum computing becomes essential for business success. Companies that embrace this technology and invest in optimization efforts are poised to see substantial rewards. The potential gains and ROI projections from quantum optimization present a compelling case for its role as a fundamental driver of business growth in the near future.

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