Sylux Joins the Exciting Journey in ‘Metroid Prime 4’ with Stunning Visuals

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It’s exciting news that “Metroid Prime 4” will finally be released next year. The new trailer for the game looks great, especially with the return of Sylux, a character that fans have been curious about since their introduction in previous Metroid games.

The graphical delivery and technical aspects of “Metroid Prime 4” seem to be on par with the recent “Metroid Prime Remastered,” which is promising for fans of the series. However, there is a slight concern about the lack of Switch versions for “Metroid Prime 2” and “Metroid Prime 3,” as these games are crucial to understanding the full story arc. The last release of these games was on Metroid Prime Trilogy back in 2009, making it almost a decade since they were last available.

With the ending of “Metroid Prime 3” wrapping up the story arc definitively, it will be interesting to see how “Metroid Prime 4” continues the narrative, especially with Phazon effectively gone. The foreshadowing with Sylux in previous games hints at a larger plan for the series, but how it will all tie in remains to be seen.

On a positive note, having “Metroid Zero Mission” available on the Switch is a great addition for fans of the franchise. Hopefully, Nintendo will consider releasing remasters for “Metroid Prime 2” and “Metroid Prime 3” to give players a chance to experience the complete series on the Switch.

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