Tesla’s humiliation draws to a close as Cybertruck recall wraps up

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The Tesla Cybertruck, designed to withstand bullets, has ironically faced a recall due to a slippery accelerator pad caused by an “unapproved lubricant.” This issue has affected all 3,878 owners of the Cybertruck, making it Tesla’s largest recall to date. While no accidents or fatalities have been reported as a result of this problem, it has nevertheless caused concern among Cybertruck owners and investors alike.

For those that praise Elon Musk and his company, this recall may not be a significant cause for concern. Tesla has offered a swift resolution to the issue, blaming the workers responsible for using the wrong lubricant rather than the company itself. They argue that compared to the ongoing crisis faced by Boeing, with its approval of dish soap resulting in faulty door seals on the 737 Max, Tesla’s recall seems relatively minor. However, the declining value of Tesla’s stock following news of the recall suggests that not everyone shares this perspective.

It is important to note that blaming the workers may not be entirely fair. After all, they were following instructions to add an unnecessary rugged-look pad to the accelerator. Additionally, there have been other design flaws with the Cybertruck, such as rust marks appearing on the stainless steel surface, a trunk that can pinch fingers, and a warning against washing the vehicle in direct sunlight. Some customers have even reported a flashing red “pull over” notice appearing on the screen shortly after driving off. These issues have contributed to the growing perception that the Cybertruck is more of a punchline than a reliable and functional vehicle.

The humor surrounding the Cybertruck extends to social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter, where users have made jokes at the expense of Cybertruck owners. The prevailing sentiment is that those who paid a hefty sum for a vehicle that resembles a child’s creation but fails to deliver on numerous fronts are deserving of ridicule. Even a TikTok owner who experienced the accelerator jamming and potential danger to their family responded with humor, highlighting the seemingly blind loyalty of Cybertruck owners.

The Cybertruck recall has exposed the gap between Elon Musk’s ambitions for the vehicle and its current reality. Musk estimated annual sales of 250,000 Cybertrucks—a figure significantly lower than the number of Rivian EV trucks sold thus far. Furthermore, it falls short of the total number of Deloreans sold in the 1980s, a car infamous for its failure and the subsequent bankruptcy of the automaker. Tesla, as the world’s largest EV manufacturer, may be in a better position overall, but Musk’s decision to heavily invest in the Cybertruck is reminiscent of John Delorean’s ill-fated bet. It is worth noting that Tesla’s request to reinstate a $56 billion compensation package for Musk, which was previously rejected by a judge, is now facing opposition from the company’s second-largest shareholder. The outcome of this vote in June is likely to shape the future direction of Tesla and its unpredictable CEO.

As the recall takes effect, there is a possibility that the number of Cybertrucks on the road will dwindle. The recall has also provided ample fodder for schadenfreude among onlookers, further diminishing the vehicle’s reputation. In the end, Tesla and its Cybertruck owners may need to confront the fact that this ambitious endeavor has not lived up to expectations. Only time will tell if Tesla can recover from this setback and whether Musk’s larger-than-life vision for the Cybertruck will come to fruition.

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