The impact of an artificial tooth monopoly on the DOJ’s Apple antitrust suit in New Jersey

The Department of Justice’s massive lawsuit against Apple may be linked to artificial teeth. The lawsuit was filed in New Jersey, a jurisdiction known for favorable laws on monopolization issues. The DOJ previously won a similar antitrust case in the Third Circuit against a company manufacturing fake teeth.

The DOJ’s success in the Dentsply case involving artificial teeth has influenced its strategy against Apple. The company was accused of maintaining a monopoly and blocking competitors in the market.

The DOJ’s case against Dentsply set a precedent for antitrust lawsuits, focusing on exclusive dealing arrangements to stifle competition. This principle was also applied in the Microsoft case, forming the basis for the DOJ’s current lawsuit against Apple.

In addition to the legal aspects, the DOJ’s choice of venue in New Jersey may also be influenced by Samsung’s presence in the district. Samsung, along with Google, is listed as a competitor to Apple in the premium smartphone market, further highlighting the significance of the New Jersey venue in the lawsuit.

Additional reporting by Lauren Feiner.

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