The PlayStation Vita continues to dominate the gaming world

PlayStation Vita, rules

The PlayStation Vita, a beloved but often overlooked handheld gaming device, has still managed to capture the hearts of many gamers, even in the age of advanced handheld consoles like the Switch and Steam Deck. This article explores the author’s rediscovery of the Vita and how it has become their go-to device for playing classic games, particularly RPGs.

The author’s journey with the Vita began when they were playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part of a planned trilogy of FF7 remakes. As they played the game, they couldn’t help but think about replaying the original game from 1997. With numerous options available to play the game, including modern ports and the original PlayStation discs, the author ultimately decided to play it on the PlayStation Vita.

To their surprise, the Vita still holds up remarkably well. Not only is it great for playing classic games, especially RPGs, but it also boasts a fantastic library of indie games. Titles like Sound Shapes, Hotline Miami, Bastion, and Fez are perfectly suited for the Vita’s portable format. The author also rediscovers games like Tokyo Jungle Mobile and the skateboarding action of OlliOlli, which perfectly showcase the Vita’s capabilities.

What sets the Vita apart from other handhelds, even in today’s golden age of portable gaming devices, is its well-designed hardware. It strikes the right balance between being small and lightweight while still offering all the necessary buttons and sticks for a PlayStation device. The Vita even includes a touchscreen for games that make use of it. It’s essentially a precursor to the Nintendo Switch, but with a more solid build quality.

Despite the Vita’s strengths, there are some drawbacks to using it in the current gaming landscape. Obtaining new games for the Vita is a challenge, as it is no longer a viable platform for modern developers. Even finding old physical releases is difficult, and purchasing digital games from Sony’s store can be a tedious process. The classic games available on the Vita are mostly straight ports without any quality-of-life improvements found in modern rereleases. However, for the author, the effort is worth it to play games like Parasite Eve.

The Vita serves as a reminder that just because a company has moved on from a gaming platform, it doesn’t mean gamers have to as well. The Vita and its games still hold up well and don’t feel particularly dated. With a large backlog of Vita games and older PSone games waiting to be played, there is no shortage of options for gamers. The author looks forward to playing games like Suikoden and Persona on the Vita, as they believe these games feel better on the handheld device.

In conclusion, despite the rise of newer handheld gaming devices, the PlayStation Vita remains a fantastic choice for gamers, especially those who enjoy playing classic games and RPGs. Its well-designed hardware, extensive library of indie games, and nostalgic appeal make it a go-to device for many gamers. While there are challenges in obtaining new games for the Vita, the device’s timeless quality more than makes up for it. Whether rediscovering old favorites or exploring new titles, the Vita continues to be a beloved platform for gaming on the go.

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