Travis Kelce to Co-Host Music Festival and Tour Europe with Taylor Swift

Europe tour, music festival, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

Star NFL player Travis Kelce has some exciting plans for the summer. He’ll be joining his girlfriend, music sensation Taylor Swift, on her “Eras Tour” in Europe. But before that, Kelce has a music festival of his own to host in Kansas City called “Kelce Jam.” This event will feature performances from rappers 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, and musician Diplo. Despite not having Swift on the lineup, last year’s event drew a huge crowd and this year is expected to be no different.

Kelce, who just won his second Super Bowl title with the Kansas City Chiefs, is eager to celebrate with his fans before joining Swift overseas. While Kelce appreciates Swift’s taste in music and enjoys attending her concerts around the world, he also has his own musical interests and events to host.

The couple recently spent some quality time together in the Bahamas before diving into their busy schedules. Swift’s upcoming album release and Kelce’s music festival are just a few of the exciting things on the horizon for these two talented individuals. From sharing music influences to supporting each other’s careers, Kelce and Swift’s relationship seems to be a harmonious blend of creativity and passion.

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