Understanding May-Thurner Syndrome: Lauren Boebert’s Diagnosis Unpacked

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Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert recently had an unexpected trip to the hospital due to extreme swelling in her leg. After undergoing tests, it was revealed that Boebert had May-Thurner syndrome. This condition occurs when the right iliac artery in the abdomen compresses the left iliac vein, resulting in potential interruptions to blood flow to the legs.

May-Thurner syndrome is not widely recognized but is relatively common, affecting approximately 1 in 5 individuals. It often goes undiagnosed until complications arise. Common symptoms include leg swelling, discoloration, heaviness, pain, and sores. This condition is more prevalent in women and adults between 20 and 50 years old.

Boebert underwent a surgical procedure to remove the clot and had a stent implanted to restore normal blood flow. Despite this health scare, Boebert is expected to make a full recovery with no long-term health concerns. As she continues to carry out her duties as a Congresswoman, she remains focused on representing her constituents in Colorado.

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