Unlock hidden Android 15 functionality for enhanced media control on your Wear OS smartwatch

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Android 15 is expected to introduce a new feature that will allow users to control their phone’s media output with Wear OS smartwatches. This exciting development was discovered during a deep-dive into the code of the Wear OS companion app function in the Android 15 beta by Mishaal Rahman from Android Authority. The code revealed a new permission called “MEDIA_ROUTING_CONTROL” that grants the companion app access to a list of available devices and the ability to control which one streams or casts audio or video from other apps.

While the description of this new permission is somewhat vague, it appears that it will allow users to switch the playback of media from their phone to other connected devices using their Wear OS smartwatch. For example, you could start playing music on your phone through a pair of connected headphones and then use your smartwatch to switch the playback to a paired smart speaker, without needing to use the phone directly. This functionality would be particularly useful if you want to change where the audio is playing from but have left your phone in another room.

Currently, Wear OS provides some control over media playback directly from a smartwatch, but for more advanced control, such as managing playback from streaming services like Spotify, users still need to use their connected phone. By expanding the capabilities of Wear OS and allowing for more direct control over media playback, Google could significantly enhance the user experience of their wearable devices and create a closer integration with their overall device ecosystem.

This move by Google could also help to bridge the gap between their device ecosystem and Apple’s product and software ecosystem, which is known for its seamless integration across devices. By building out the functionality and interconnectivity of Wear OS, Google can provide a more cohesive and streamlined user experience similar to what Apple offers.

However, it is unclear at this time if this new functionality will be available on all Wear OS devices or if it will be limited to select Google devices like the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2. We can expect to find out more information about this at Google I/O, which is scheduled to take place on May 14, 2024. At this event, Google will likely provide a closer look at what’s next for Android, Wear OS, and their other software offerings.

In conclusion, the upcoming release of Android 15 promises to bring an exciting new feature to Wear OS smartwatches that will allow users to control their phone’s media output directly from their wrist. This added convenience and functionality can eliminate the need to constantly reach for your connected Android phone and instead provide a seamless media playback experience with just a few taps on your smartwatch. As Google continues to expand and improve upon their wearable device ecosystem, they have the potential to create a more cohesive and integrated user experience that rivals that of Apple.

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