What Can We Anticipate at Apple’s May ‘Let Loose’ Event

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Apple has recently announced a spring event scheduled for May 7th, 2021. Even though the company has not provided any specific details about the event, the inclusion of the Apple Pencil in its graphic suggests that we may finally hear about new iPads. The rumors indicate that the event may introduce OLED iPad Pros and potentially a new iPad Air in two different sizes for the first time.

One of the most significant changes expected in the upcoming iPad Pros is the switch to OLED screens. This upgrade is particularly exciting for users who have expressed dissatisfaction with the low contrast of the current 11-inch model. Another possible design change is the relocation of the front-facing camera to the longer side, following a similar move made by Apple in the 10th generation iPad refresh. Additionally, it is highly likely that the new iPad Pros will feature the M3 chip, which is found in Apple’s latest computers.

Since 2018, the iPad Pro design has remained relatively unchanged. It introduced notable features, such as USB-C connectivity and a magnetically attaching Apple Pencil. However, there is a sense that the iPad Pro still carries the legacy of iOS while occasionally trying to emulate macOS. This confusion about its purpose and identity raises questions about who the iPad Pro is truly designed for. While it is an excellent tablet, it may need more than just a better screen to revitalize the line.

Apart from the iPad Pros, Apple may also unveil a larger iPad Air in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, aligning it with the current iPad Pro lineup. This move would provide users with a more affordable option for obtaining a larger iPad, as the current iPad Pro with a bigger screen starts at a much higher price point. The new iPad Air is expected to feature the same Magic Keyboard accessories as the current iPad Pros and may come with an upgraded M2 processor.

There are also rumors suggesting that Apple plans to release a new, more durable Magic Keyboard made of aluminum for the iPad Pro. This keyboard is likely to have a larger trackpad but will still retain the soft material present in the existing iPad Magic Keyboard. However, it may continue to have only one USB-C port.

Additionally, Apple might unveil an updated Apple Pencil during the event. The current Apple Pencil has not received any significant updates since 2018, except for the introduction of a USB-C version. The rumors surrounding the new Apple Pencil indicate that it might feature interchangeable magnetic tips for different functions and potentially support a new squeeze gesture.

In conclusion, Apple’s upcoming spring event on May 7th has created a substantial amount of anticipation among consumers and Apple enthusiasts. The introduction of new iPad models, specifically OLED iPad Pros and a larger iPad Air, is highly anticipated. Furthermore, updates to the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil are expected to enhance the overall user experience. Apple continues to innovate and redefine its products, setting new standards in the tablet market.

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