WhatsApp may soon feature real-time translations through Samsung Galaxy AI

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Live Translate, a feature developed by Samsung as part of its Galaxy AI suite, allows for real-time translation between languages. And now, it is expected to be integrated into third-party apps, with WhatsApp rumored to be one of the first apps to benefit from this technology. While there is no official timeline given for the integration, reliable sources suggest that it is on the way.

Samsung has previously mentioned that Live Translate will be available for other apps as well, but the company has not specified which apps those might be. Currently, on compatible Samsung phones, Live Translate is already integrated into the default messaging app and even works on phone calls. Additionally, there is a standalone Interpreter tool that provides instant audio translations.

According to rumors, the integration of Live Translate into WhatsApp could extend to audio calls as well. This means that users will be able to have real-time translations between languages while they are speaking to someone on a call, in addition to having their text messages converted. The potential for seamless language communication on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging platform, is undoubtedly exciting.

It is worth noting that phone makers are currently competing to incorporate as much AI technology as possible into their devices. Recently, Apple showcased various Apple Intelligence features that will be introduced to the iPhone later this year. Similarly, Google has also been actively working on AI features for its Pixel lineup of smartphones, including AI-generated wallpapers, live language translation for phone calls, and AI-powered photo editing.

Samsung, being a major competitor in the smartphone market, is also striving to stay ahead in terms of AI capabilities. By offering third-party apps access to its AI magic, Samsung aims to ensure that it remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Details about new AI innovations from Samsung might be revealed at the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for Wednesday, July 10. This event is expected to showcase the launch of several hardware products, including the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, the Galaxy Watch 7, and the Galaxy Watch Ultra. It is possible that Samsung will announce further details about the integration of Live Translate into third-party apps, including WhatsApp, at this event.

In conclusion, Live Translate, a feature developed by Samsung as part of its Galaxy AI suite, is expected to be integrated into third-party apps, including WhatsApp. This feature allows for real-time translation between languages and is already available on compatible Samsung phones. Samsung’s move to extend this feature to popular apps like WhatsApp demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI technology. As phone makers continue to incorporate AI capabilities into their devices, it will be interesting to see how this technology evolves and enhances our daily communication experiences.

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