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My initial encounter with Jamaal Bowman was in 2021 when I was advocating for schools to reopen fully after the pandemic forced closures. Despite the mounting evidence of the harmful effects of remote learning on vulnerable children, Bowman seemed unreceptive to our concerns. His dismissive attitude and flippant responses left me feeling unheard and disheartened.

As the months went by and schools remained closed or operated with dysfunctional schedules, Bowman’s lack of empathy for the plight of parents and children became more apparent. His focus on one-sided narratives regarding Israel, while ignoring rising antisemitism in his own district, raised serious concerns about his priorities as a congressman.

Bowman’s singular obsession with Israel and AIPAC, at the expense of addressing pressing issues in his district, was troubling. His remarks about Jews living in “segregated” communities and his failure to acknowledge the trauma endured by Israelis highlighted a disturbing pattern of bias.

Instead of showcasing his accomplishments or discussing future goals, Bowman seemed fixated on blaming AIPAC for his electoral challenges. His refusal to acknowledge the concerns of Jewish constituents and his misdirected focus on Israel only served to alienate many voters, including myself.

In a time where antisemitic incidents are on the rise and Jewish communities are feeling increasingly vulnerable, Bowman’s dismissive attitude and inflammatory rhetoric are especially concerning. As a result, I have chosen to support George Latimer in the upcoming election and encourage others to do the same.

The recent events have led me to reflect on my own identity as a Jew and seek solidarity within the community in ways I hadn’t before. It is important that our elected officials prioritize the safety and well-being of all constituents, regardless of their background or beliefs. Bowman’s failure to do so has motivated me to seek leadership that truly represents the values and concerns of our diverse community.

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