William Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut, dies in plane crash in Washington state.

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Tragic news struck the San Juan Islands as it was confirmed that former Apollo 8 astronaut, William Anders, lost his life in a plane crash. The vintage Air Force T-34 Mentor, owned by Anders, crashed just off the islands. Anders, who was piloting the plane, leaves behind a devastated family and legacy as a great pilot.

Anders’ life was marked by significant achievements, from being recruited by NASA in 1964 to his role in the Apollo 8 mission where he snapped the iconic “Earthrise” image. Despite all the training for lunar exploration, Anders believed that the true discovery came through seeing the Earth from space.

After retiring from the Air Force Reserves, Anders became a successful CEO and moved to Orcas Island with his wife. They established the Anders Foundation, supporting educational and environmental causes, and started the Heritage Flight Museum. This tragic accident has left a void in the aviation and space exploration communities, marking the end of an era.

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