X is finally utilizing blue checkmarks for their original purpose: recognizing influential users.

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X is now offering free Premium features to accounts with over 2500 verified subscriber followers. This means that popular posters will automatically receive a blue check mark, indicating their influence on the platform. However, some users are hesitant about this new feature, feeling like the blue check was forced upon them.

In the past, a blue check on Twitter signified that a user was influential in some way. However, in today’s age of paid blue checks, the meaning has shifted. Back in 2022, blue checks helped verify the identity of public figures and reduce the spread of misinformation. Now, with X offering free blue checks to popular accounts, the original purpose of the blue check has been reinvented by Elon Musk.

Moving forward, accounts with over 2500 verified subscriber followers will receive Premium features for free, while those with over 5000 followers will receive Premium+ for free. This change by X has sparked discussions about the significance and authenticity of blue check marks on the platform.

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