You can now multitask with Gemini’s latest evolution: Using AI simultaneous to internet browsing

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Gemini, the AI-powered app, is set to receive a significant update on mobile devices in the near future. This update will introduce several new features, including a text box overlay that offers an enhanced user experience. Industry insider AssembleDebug has shared details about these upcoming additions with various publications.

One of the most intriguing features of this update is the text box overlay. AssembleDebug has provided insight into how it works, demonstrating its functionality on his phone while using X (formerly known as Twitter). The text box overlay converts the AI’s input box into a small floating window located at the bottom of the smartphone display. It remains visible even if the app is closed, allowing users to interact with Gemini while performing other tasks, such as browsing the internet or checking emails. This multitasking capability is highly convenient for users who wish to engage with the AI constantly.

As shown in AssembleDebug’s demo video, when users ask a question, Gemini responds within a few seconds, providing answers complete with source links, images, and even relevant YouTube videos. The length of the response depends on the nature of the query; some responses may be longer if they require a more detailed explanation. It’s worth noting that the text box overlay is multimodal, meaning users can write out their inquiry, give voice commands, or even upload images to interact with the AI.

Another noteworthy update mentioned by Android Authority is the ability of Gemini on Android to accept different types of files, beyond just photographs. As shown in the images shared, users can upload a PDF and ask the AI to summarize the text within it. While this feature exists in the current version of Gemini, it does not seem to be activated yet. It remains uncertain whether this update will be exclusive to Google Workspace or Gemini Advanced, or if it will be available to both.

Additionally, Gemini will introduce a simple yet useful tool called Select Text. Currently, users are required to copy an entire block of text, even if they only need a specific portion. With Select Text, users can conveniently select a specific line or paragraph, enabling a more streamlined and efficient user experience. Although this feature may not be considered groundbreaking, it greatly improves the usability of the AI by eliminating unnecessary restrictions.

A fourth update identified by AssembleDebug is known as Real-time Responses. While the descriptor text suggests that this tool allows users to see answers being written out in real-time, it appears to be just an animation change rather than a practical enhancement. Rather than waiting for Gemini to generate a response as a whole, this feature allows users to witness the AI writing out each line of the response, mirroring the desktop counterpart of the app.

Google I/O 2024, a major developer conference, is scheduled to start in approximately three weeks on May 14. Although the specific release date for these Gemini updates has not been announced, it is likely that more information will be revealed during this event.

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