Your iPhone could soon have Classic PlayStation and Saturn games

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The world of video game emulators has undergone a major transformation with the increased third-party support on iOS. This has paved the way for an influx of emulator apps on the App Store, catering to gamers who want to relive the nostalgia of old Commodore 64 and GameBoy titles. However, the game emulator landscape is about to change as a new contender, Provenance EMU, aims to take the App Store by storm by offering support for Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn games.

Provenance is a versatile emulator that supports a wide range of consoles, including popular ones like the Super Nintendo and more obscure machines. According to Joseph Mattiello, the project lead for Provenance EMU, the team is diligently working on launching their software on the App Store. While the exact release date is unknown, Mattiello has stated that they need to address some quality-of-life fixes before making their debut. Additionally, he mentions the need to “investigate” the new rules, hinting at the recent changes made by Apple to the App Review Guidelines.

The addition of lines in the App Review Guidelines, such as “developers are responsible for all the software inside their apps” and the requirement for emulators to “comply with all applicable laws,” is likely the focus of Mattiello’s investigation. These changes indicate that Apple is taking a firmer stance on apps that may potentially violate intellectual property laws or game developer and publisher terms and conditions.

While the use of emulators may be considered a legal gray area, it’s important to emphasize that their usage should always comply with game developer and publisher terms and conditions as well as applicable intellectual property laws. Using emulators with your own purchased game copy is the advised and lawful approach.

The potential release of Provenance EMU and similar emulator apps on the App Store could pose challenges for third-party developers, as they may come under scrutiny from gaming publishers. Nintendo, known for its aggressive stance on copyright infringement, has a history of taking legal action against developers it claims are violating the law. A notable example of this is the legal action taken against Yuzu, an emulator for Nintendo Switch games. Therefore, it is crucial for developers like Mattiello and his team to ensure their app complies with all legal requirements to avoid legal repercussions.

If Provenance EMU and other similar emulator apps are successful in navigating the legal landscape and making their way onto the App Store, it could herald a new era of mobile gaming. This new era would allow players to experience not just sidescrollers with sprites but also games featuring fully fleshed-out 3D models and environments, bringing console-like gaming experiences to mobile devices.

However, it’s essential to note that downloading random ROMs of games from the internet is strongly discouraged. Apart from potentially violating intellectual property laws, these ROMs can also carry malware. It’s advisable to seek out alternative options like homebrew games, which are independently made titles that emulate certain graphical styles for use with emulators. Websites like PSX Place and serve as valuable resources for homebrew games. PSX Place, in particular, is a community-driven platform where hobbyists share their homebrewed PlayStation games. On, gamers can find unique fan adaptations of popular shows, movies, and game franchises, allowing them to explore new and exciting gameplay experiences.

Ideally, it would be fantastic to see publishers like Sony and Nintendo embrace the iOS platform and release their games officially. This would provide an avenue for fans to enjoy classic titles without resorting to potentially illegal methods.

As the world of game emulators evolves, it is crucial for developers and users alike to stay informed about the legality and ethical use of these tools. While emulators offer the convenience of accessing older games on newer platforms, it’s important to respect the rights of game developers and publishers. By adhering to legal guidelines and supporting official releases, gamers can enjoy a rich library of games while maintaining a responsible approach to the gaming community.

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